Adonis Golden Ratio scam or truth?

There are so many diet programs, supplements, and muscle building systems that are available online that it can be taxing to try and sort through which will benefit us, and which are simply blowing smoke. Any program that asks you to purchase only food that they make, or has costs that steadily increase as you progress might not be the best fit for you, not even considering whether it will even work.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled across this post because you found reviews that were daunting, that paint a brighter than life portrait of their product while not being realistic with the people they’re aiming for.

To speak to one in particular, we must ask ourselves a rather important question.  Is the Adonis Golden Ratio scam or truth?  That can be difficult to divine by simply reading weighted reviews or watching videos.  The best way to find out, is to pick apart the product and get down to the hard facts.  Look at the science behind the diet plan and find out from professionals in the medical field if the exercises that are promoted are indeed the things they claim will give you a lean body.  There are plenty of answers out there if you want to find them.  This post might help sort out the facts from the fiction.

Digging right into the health side of things, leaner bodies are promoted as having stronger immune systems, and better overall performance in metabolizing foods, absorption of vitamins and minerals, and the ability to fight off age related diseases.  According to Medscape’s Educational Clinical Briefs, this is all true.  It goes on to explain that even men who have compromised bodies, like going through dialysis for instance, benefit from having a leaner body.  They also suggest that it is an independent predictor of better mental health and greater survival in dialysis patients.  They tested 792 people, and found that those with leaner bodies were much healthier than those who were not.  This suggests that increasing lean body mass equates better survival.  “Survival of the Fittest” wasn’t a coined phrase for no reason after all.

According to physiotherapist Martin Krause, who has 30 years in the medical side of this industry, he states without any preamble that there is a direct relationship between muscle mass and immune function.  With higher lean muscle mass you give your body a larger reservoir of proteins to feed from during times of need.  He also points out that during vigorous training and over-training (such as that done specifically for body-building) the protein gets used for muscle renewal and recuperation rather than as a reserve for your immune system, and leaves you prone to sickness.

Looking toward another avenue promoted in the Adonis Golden Ratio system, how about exercises?  They say not to deadlift, and that more reps with less weight is best, and promise to customize the routine to your body.  Well, it appears this is also true.  Progressive resistance training is proven to enhance muscle function, and using gym weights can enhance your ability to fight off infection by increasing the protein reservoir within your muscle mass.  This sort of lean building moderate exercise also reduces the susceptibility to hypertension, cholesterol problems, lipidemia, artherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistant diabetes.  So not only is this sort of exercise preferred among those seeking lean body mass, it is also promoting the prime state for our body’s own overall health.

Bodybuilding.com agrees on yet another key point in the Adonis Golden Ratio system.  They suggest a 12 week program, and allow for you to get all your money back if you are not satisfied with results.  This well known muscle authority states that weeks 2 and 3 are the most rewarding.  Which means that in order to get this lean muscle mass, you really just need to stick with the program and do everything as it says to see the results.  This same site is also in agreement with not lifting tons of weight, instead do more repetitions for a longer period of time. In a long list of exercises they recommend for lean muscle building, all are less weight, more reps for longer term benefit.

Onto the next part, nutrition!  It seems all the experts across varied fields from medicine, to body building all agree on this part.  Cutting back, or dieting has been proven to be more effective than exercise alone.  Add those two together, and it becomes a fat burning machine.  Everyone agrees that you should only consume water as your primary source of liquids when you’re thirsty.  Though, they suggest drinking it at room temperature, since consuming ice cold water actually goes against calorie burning and weight loss.  The reason is, your body; in order to absorb water; must first heat it up to body temperature.  This uses energy your body could be putting toward caloric burn and fat removal instead of heating up ice water.   Something else mentioned in the Adonis Golden Ratio program is that you are able to eat the things you love the most, which some would call “cheat foods”, you just have to know when to eat them.  This also appears to be true.  Contrary to sports myth, carbs are actually good for us, they give us energy and maximize endurance.  However, not just any carbs will work.  Knowing which ones is key, like whole grains, cereal, fruits and vegetables.

Adonis Golden RatioIt looks like it’s not a scam at all, Barban’s program offers real facts backed up by scientific and professional proof found nearly anywhere you want to look.  It would be pretty easy to debunk these things if they were simply full of hot air, but they’re not.  Finding the right structure of exercise and nutrition to build a leaner body is important.  Trusting who will get you there, equally so.


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