Adonis Golden Ratio system – What women find pleasing in a peak physique

It’s no surprise to learn that what women are intrinsically attracted to happens to be the most classical model of humankind ever known.  Because women are programmed to find the most attractive and strong male she can to produce the most viable and potent offspring, she will gravitate to a man she feels encompasses those traits the most.  The perfect man is also known as the Vitruvian Man, drawn by DaVinci ages past, and is no less perfect in form and function now as it was then.

There is an algebraic equation called “The Golden Ratio” that the Adonis Golden Ratio system uses as a centerpiece in their total diet and nutrition plan.  The reason for this is simple.  As both the Vitruvian Man and the Golden Ratio have proven throughout time and art history, they are symbolic of the perfect form both aesthetically and athletically.  Having the male body in such a state is tantamount to attaining the prime of your life.  Never will the body perform better and feel better than when it is in this optimal state.

Why is physical appearance so important though?  As time has gone on, men’s roles have changed with the advancement of women’s rights and equality, and women don’t need men to go hunt and kill for food and a safe place to raise a family.  Ordinarily, a woman could judge a man safely back then by just looking at him, if he was big and strong, she could assume he was healthy, and would make a good father.  Now though, especially in times of economic crisis, having a fit body means something a bit more.  Because going to a gym, and buying healthier foods are more expensive, a man with a fit body is showing by example that he has his priorities in place; that he cares about his health.  It can also be assumed that he has the money to keep up this lifestyle, and while money should not be a factor to judge upon, consider this.  ALL people, male and female alike, judge someone within the first 4 minutes of meeting them.  Since getting someone’s life story out in 4 minutes simply makes them seem creepy to the extreme, what do we have to base our opinions from?  Looks, and what is being said to a smaller degree.  Most of it is simply physical, and the assumptions we make based off of them.

In a study done by UCLA they made comparisons between what men thought to be the ideal physique, and what women were choosing.  Their basis is what has been presented by the media to both sexes.  They compared magazines aimed at men’s health and muscle building, with those aimed at women and society or celebrity status.  What they found was interesting from a sociological perspective.  Both men and women guessed the ideal weight and figures preferred by the opposite sex incorrectly.  Women guessed too thin, and men guessed too bulky.  It would seem that although other men can and do respect a bulkier body, as a sign of peak male fitness and masculinity, it is not a view shared by women.  To get an idea of what women really want in a man’s body, it goes further than scientific studies.

Take a look here. One of the biggest publications in the world geared toward women specifically, and the ladies comments on the forum speak for themselves. They have been very clear and concise about what they’re looking for.  They use phrases like “I want to be able to cuddle with him and I can’t do that if he’s hard everywhere” and “Big pecs are just like big boobs to me”. Just because the media seems to promote a specific ideal body, it would appear that it’s best to keep in mind that unless you plan to become a model or a sports star, it’s wholly unneccesary and will actually hurt your chances with women.  It would also appear that women are able to gauge simply through looks the level of a man’s testosterone.  In studies published in Proceedings of the Royal Sciences: Biology, women in their most fertile time of the month were asked to judge men who were given blood tests to determine their overall health and testosterone levels.  The results shocked the researchers, who were sure that the more manly looking men would score higher.  The ladies loved the men with the lower body fat, a slimmer swimmer’s type physique, lean men, who also ended up testing highest on immunity scores as well as testosterone levels.  This and other studies like it have proven that women are better judges than we thought, and it’s all instinctual.

Having a lean body is certainly not all about attracting the ladies, but any single man will admit that it is high on his priority list.  Other men will also instantly judge you by your appearance, which may not seem important unless you are a gay man, but consider that these are people who are often in charge of promotions at work, potential job offers, or any other advancement in your life or career.

Adonis Golden RatioThis physique demands respect from both men and women, and because that instant respect is given, you find yourself being treated better in every avenue of life. It also promotes overall wellness in every single aspect, your metabolism skyrockets, your immune system remains strong, and you are able to repel anything not meant to be in the body. This male figure presented throughout this post is not unattainable, regardless of your genetics or your body type. Choose today to get stronger, and healthier and look forward to the rest of your life!

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