The Best Body Part to Keep Moving

While you’re busy sculpting those chiseled pecs and abs, and modeling your new sleek physique in full body mirrors, there is likely one part of your body that gets largely neglected, but runs the entire program despite being beat upon daily, relentlessly. Your feet! By taking care of your feet properly and paying attention to them, you can avoid injury while running, which is the easiest and less expensive way to get in your cardio, and also help with your core alignment. While making sure you give them a good wash and rub down with lotion after a hard workout or run is a great perk, and recommended, not everyone has time to do it every time. Learn why our feet are one of the most important parts of our body to keep that workout going. Continue reading

A Swimmer’s Sleek Physique

Not so long ago, the body type women found most attractive was described as a “beefcake”, a man who was powerfully built above the waist, narrowing at the hips and with powerful legs. This image communicated the man’s ability to be a desirous mate, his personal success, his level of determination and a great deal more. This image was envied by other men, and looked upon as the peak of a male’s physical perfection. This image was perpetuated by the media and is now relatively obscure except in the power-lifting world. Society changes, we grow, adapt to the world around us, and as such – so do our ideas of what we find attractive. Continue reading

This Humble Addition To Dieting Has the Biggest Benefits

Somewhere along the line, probably during the time when the food pyramid was created, or we were told to eat “3 square meals a day” someone said that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day for optimal health. This has been debunked as one of the greatest myths in science with regard to diet and nutrition many times over. A couple years ago, Heinz Valtin, a kidney specialist form Dartmouth Medical School opted to find out if there was any truth to this once and for all. After all his research, he found zero studies that backed the claim (for healthy adults living in temperate climates and doing mild exercise; not impaired by drugs or age) and he also discovered that drinking the 8×8 method could even be harmful by accelerating dangerous hyponatremia. Water overdose is a real thing, and scary.

Signs of a water overdose are:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • headache
  • changes in mental state like confusion or disorientation Continue reading

What they don’t tell you about the gym

When you’re looking to transform your body, drastic changes often have to be made.  You have to re-think everything you are accustomed to buying at the store, and re-work the hours of your day to allow for time to work out.  You gather information, gain support of family and friends, and work up the monumental motivation to make it count.  All that’s left is figuring out how to tie it all together into a plan that works.  Most will seek out a gym membership at this point in their diet and exercise planning stage.  Many will also enlist the help of a private trainer at the same gym.  While there are many ways to go about getting fit, there’s some things that they’ll neglect to let you know when you speak to the admissions person at the gym.

The biggest is that you don’t need to pay a gym membership at all.  They want your money so they’re not going to tell you anything different, it’s simply not in their best interests to.  The personal trainer makes a great amount of money off other people’s inadequacies, and it’s in their interest to spoon feed your weight loss and muscle gain, so you feel better in increments, keeping you seeing them as long as possible.  If they only give you small gains at a time, you’ll figure any progress is at least progress.  You can get the same burn and workout from a gym at home, and the cost is very easy on the wallet. Continue reading

How to beat the winter blues

Winter can be the hardest season for anyone, mostly because people don’t like to go out in the cold weather.  This leads to depression, lack of motivation and it is all underscored by a lack of movement all together.  People stay in bed longer, they eat more out of boredom or as a way to feel better, and they end up just like our animal counterparts who hibernate; plump and ready to survive sleeping through a winter.  Trouble is, that’s not our role as humans, we’re expected to remain efficient, capable, aware and on the move through any season.  Even if winter isn’t one of your best seasons, there are ways to avoid the winter blues to help maintain your health and fitness, regardless the time of year.

1. Make mornings count!

If you don’t like the cold weather, dress for it!  It might take a little extra motivation in the mornings to get out and jog, run or even walk, so take it from a nice strong cup of coffee, and keep that motivation going by picturing the healthy hearty breakfast you have planned for when you return.  By going out first thing in the morning, you set a standard for energy that remains throughout the day.  You’ll feel more energized, more cognitively aware, and completely capable all day long. Continue reading

Adonis Golden Ratio scam or truth?

There are so many diet programs, supplements, and muscle building systems that are available online that it can be taxing to try and sort through which will benefit us, and which are simply blowing smoke. Any program that asks you to purchase only food that they make, or has costs that steadily increase as you progress might not be the best fit for you, not even considering whether it will even work.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled across this post because you found reviews that were daunting, that paint a brighter than life portrait of their product while not being realistic with the people they’re aiming for.

To speak to one in particular, we must ask ourselves a rather important question.  Is the Adonis Golden Ratio scam or truth?  That can be difficult to divine by simply reading weighted reviews or watching videos.  The best way to find out, is to pick apart the product and get down to the hard facts.  Look at the science behind the diet plan and find out from professionals in the medical field if the exercises that are promoted are indeed the things they claim will give you a lean body.  There are plenty of answers out there if you want to find them.  This post might help sort out the facts from the fiction. Continue reading

Adonis Golden Ratio system – What women find pleasing in a peak physique

It’s no surprise to learn that what women are intrinsically attracted to happens to be the most classical model of humankind ever known.  Because women are programmed to find the most attractive and strong male she can to produce the most viable and potent offspring, she will gravitate to a man she feels encompasses those traits the most.  The perfect man is also known as the Vitruvian Man, drawn by DaVinci ages past, and is no less perfect in form and function now as it was then.

There is an algebraic equation called “The Golden Ratio” that the Adonis Golden Ratio system uses as a centerpiece in their total diet and nutrition plan.  The reason for this is simple.  As both the Vitruvian Man and the Golden Ratio have proven throughout time and art history, they are symbolic of the perfect form both aesthetically and athletically.  Having the male body in such a state is tantamount to attaining the prime of your life.  Never will the body perform better and feel better than when it is in this optimal state. Continue reading

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