What they don’t tell you about the gym

When you’re looking to transform your body, drastic changes often have to be made.  You have to re-think everything you are accustomed to buying at the store, and re-work the hours of your day to allow for time to work out.  You gather information, gain support of family and friends, and work up the monumental motivation to make it count.  All that’s left is figuring out how to tie it all together into a plan that works.  Most will seek out a gym membership at this point in their diet and exercise planning stage.  Many will also enlist the help of a private trainer at the same gym.  While there are many ways to go about getting fit, there’s some things that they’ll neglect to let you know when you speak to the admissions person at the gym.

The biggest is that you don’t need to pay a gym membership at all.  They want your money so they’re not going to tell you anything different, it’s simply not in their best interests to.  The personal trainer makes a great amount of money off other people’s inadequacies, and it’s in their interest to spoon feed your weight loss and muscle gain, so you feel better in increments, keeping you seeing them as long as possible.  If they only give you small gains at a time, you’ll figure any progress is at least progress.  You can get the same burn and workout from a gym at home, and the cost is very easy on the wallet.

They don’t tell you comprehensively what to do when you show up on days when your trainer is not there, and if you didn’t go the personal trainer route, you stand to be even more lost.  Lifting too heavy of weights can result in becoming too big, too bulky, and in all the wrong places.  Alternately, too light, and you won’t get enough of a workout for it to matter if you showed up to the gym at all.  Cardio is great, but spending four hours running on a treadmill is also not great for you, but they won’t tell you that either.  They don’t outline which machines are best for you personally, and they don’t customize your routine to change daily, weekly, monthly based on your own achievements.  Even if they do offer you something that looks like a workout plan, it’s likely the same one they offer all men that come in.  But people are all created differently, and it takes a differing approach to see results if you take that into consideration.

You can take control over your own body sculpting process without having to pay ridiculously high gym prices.  There are programs like Adonis Golden Ratio, which provide you with a complete plan made only for you, to get you to the ideal physique that men were made to look like.  Programs like this ask you for a one time fee, and then you’re in charge of the results thereafter.  You must police yourself and ensure you’re following it correctly for your results to be seen and felt, but you don’t have recurring monthly payments to make, and you don’t have to leave your home to do it.

Another part of the gym most don’t consider, is the social aspect.  Men are rather proud as a rule, and it becomes an unspoken heavy sensation in the air to see which peacock has the nicest tail-feathers in a busy gym.  Everyone seems to be off doing their own thing, but it can be hard to shake that feeling that everyone is staring at your less than perfect body.  Unless you’re tanned, and already sculpted, you’re not likely to be very comfortable in a busy gym.  One of the best ways to see improvements in weight loss is to feel support, and comfortable doing so.  Being thrown into a pool of sharks isn’t likely to foster that feeling of camaraderie and support.

Gyms are busy places, and the people who frequent them may not be the cleanest individuals in the world.  Though the gym staff is tasked with cleaning the machines regularly, a busy gym doesn’t have an empty machine for long before the next person steps up to use it.   All the surfaces you touch, have been handled by numerous large sweaty men before you, and regardless how clean the place is, unless you’re going there to swim, it’s not going to smell pretty either.  The locker and changing rooms are even more so.  Not only is it difficult to maintain any privacy while changing, but the smell will knock you off your feet.  Sweat doesn’t smell good, and it’s not a spa after all, so expect to have your nose assaulted, and be prepared to clean the machines yourself before using them.

Aside from home programs that you can purchase as a once off, there’s also plenty of resistance bands, balls, weights, and things you can buy to stock your home just as well as any gym could hope to offer.  Most retail outlets of decent size carry them, and for a very nominal price.  Programs that are as complete as Adonis Golden Ratio will outline the exercises to do for you, but there are plenty you can find online as well to supplement your program.  It doesn’t take a fancy gym to put on a pair of running shoes and head out the door.  It doesn’t take a pricey membership to count your reps and weights lifted from home, and there’s absolutely zero reason to feel uncomfortable while doing so.

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