Adonis Golden Ratio Review: Will it work for you?

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Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio
Bodybuilding Program
Adonis Golden Ratio


Adonis Golden Ratio


Adonis Golden Ratio states that it is a customizable weight loss and body sculpting process that you can apply for life. The plan claims to deliver a 12 week comprehensive plan to restructure how you workout and eat, to give you the body you’re reaching for. The program uncovers foods that would seem healthy, but really make us gain instead of lose inches. It also plays host to a piece of software designed to take your measurements and guide you toward the most aesthetically pleasing body nature has ever created.

Men looking to shed extra pounds, or sculpt their bodies, to reshape their life as much as their physique, are huge targets for crooked salespeople on the internet.  Because the issue is vastly important to men everywhere, it creates a need that transcends cost, to the point that whatever you spend, is worth it for the outcome you’re looking for.  The trouble is identifying which products work out of the many that don’t.  This review hopes to settle the score in regard to John Barban’s “Adonis Golden Ratio” program.

The People Behind Adonis Golden Ratio

Many who are involved in weight loss and male muscle building will quickly recognize the man who introduces the product on their video advertisement.  He is none other than Kyle Leon, a leader in power muscle programs, and competitive body building.  He has included not only his endorsement for John Barban’s program, but also a bonus product with purchase.  John Barban is the lead expert in the program, having made enormous strides in science regarding dieting, general weight loss, and supplements that work.  More of the key contributors include Brad Howard, the producer and recognized expert in exercise and dieting, and Kaira Pilon, best known for her input on intermittent fasting and nutrition.  The entire product has been a collaboration of some of the best minds in their field.

Is Adonis Golden Ratio as Effective as it Claims?

Though you could read plenty of reviews on the product that don’t even try to hide their intent in making you buy it, how can you hope to trust them?  The only way to know if it works is to either have a friend buy it and try it, or find an unbiased source to tell you the truth.  This is where we hope to help.

AGR results are achieved by the measurements of your shoulders and waist size, which are calculated to give you an equation of the perfect algebraic formula for your body.  No two men are created equally, so everyone’s results are different.  The software provided that allows you to plug in your measurements, gives you the road map you need to watch your existing body change to that of the “Golden Ratio” which is a term that was coined in the days of Da Vinci to express perfection in form and function.

Weight loss and muscle building without an effective plan is tantamount to driving somewhere you’ve never been and not bothering to check a map or get directions.  You will inevitably end up wandering aimlessly before you get where you need to be, IF you get there at all.

Most men head to the gym, or hire a personal trainer.  They will buy supplements and protein powder, drink a smoothie before their workout, and go pump iron until they cannot physically move.  They think they’ve done a great job, until weeks later, nothing has changed.  If you shock your body into action that it is unused to, all your work is for naught.  If you don’t know what not to eat, and the sorts of foods that will work for you, it doesn’t help, and if you believe that the tofu on toast you eat for breakfast is helping, here’s a fact for you.  Soy can actually result in a man producing more estrogen, which manifests on your chest as man breasts.  Left unchecked, it can become hard, nodular and fibrotic, which then requires surgery to reverse.

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is meant to be a complete guide for every man of any size, so that there’s no confusion along the way, and it suits a beginner as much as someone who has been immersed in muscle building for years.  There are ways to sculpt healthy lean muscle that gives you the body that women crave and other men respect, but nobody knows how to get there automatically.  If the system is followed, and there is dedication applied, the results are real, and they will be felt as well as seen pretty quickly.

Real People Speak About Adonis Golden Ratio

Nothing speaks louder than experience. What follows are real testimonials from an unbiased forum, so you can see for yourself.

The Golden Ratio is like 1.62161`616421166161341362345634623554253254235252 5. It never ends, but its used to describe beauty. supposedly the closer u measure to phi (the golden ratio) the more beautiful u r.
EDIT: 52 shoulders divided by 32 inch waist is 1.625, the golden ratio [This edit is in response to another poster asking about the program, who gave his measurements.]

-davidhogan34 from forum.bodybuilding.com

Women like strong guys with big equipment and impressive back squat. And guys respect/admire the same things.

6’8″ 320 pounds – Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge – 750 pound frame deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxi3B9jW9xc
Sin City Strongman Challenge 2013 Masters Champion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkaiOUxcdH4

– bigtallox, NAS Strongman, from forum.bodybuilding.com

Steve Reeves did something similar and came up with a formula based on wrist size and bone structure of the perfect proportions. These are based on Greek statues and also his own opinion. Steve was a big one on the shoulder circumference and a small waist. He always tried to get something like a 24? difference between his shoulders and waist.

Steve’s formula for the perfect proportions was:

Arm size= 252% of wrist size

Calf size= 192% of ankle size

Neck Size= 79% of head size

Chest Size= 148% of pelvis size

Waist size= 86% of pelvis size

Thigh size= 175% of knee size

Those would also not be bad long term goals for a natural trainee as well.

– LightCrow from forum.bodybuilding.com

From the posts on the forums, it seemed more men were actively using the golden ratio in their body building, and proving that the Adonis Golden Ratio system is exactly what is needed to reach that prime state of health.

Are there any Negatives?

There’s always a little bad to be had with anything, and an impartial review doesn’t just cover the good things.  Some points to keep in mind:

This is not for women, a woman’s body has very specific needs in regard to nutrition and lean body shaping that are not addressed in this program, so ladies will see no benefit to using it.

Beginners will have difficulty adopting the exercises right away.  Things like push ups with one hand are hard even for a seasoned muscle builder, and it doesn’t stop there.  The program places heavy emphasis on exercise and training, but the flip side is, if you want it badly enough, then you will see why it’s worth it.

There is no mention of exercises meant to stretch.  No yoga, or deep breathing before your workout can mean problems with strained muscles, pulls or even tears.  Stretching won’t make you lose inches, but working out without it will certainly slow you down.

There are a ton of scam sites selling false versions of this product, meant to get your money, and place tracking cookies on your computer, so we’ve included a genuine link to the product below, to ensure you’re both safe, and assured that you’re buying the real Adonis Golden Ratio program.

Things to consider before buying Adonis Golden Ratio

The positives outweigh the negetives, provided you have a mind keen on seeing the results by following what it tells you to do.

Positives include:

  • Based on proven methods that work through exhaustive research.
  • Focus is on building strength rather than bulk.
  • High level of customization, so it is made to fit you specifically.
  • Ability to “plug and play” in seconds with the software provided.
  • Makes finding your Adonis Index super easy
  • No chance for huge boulder muscles that are unappealing to both women and men because the entire program is centered on an aesthetically pleasing form that has lasted through the ages.
  • Full 100% money back guarantee within 60 days, which is almost the entire 12 week plan. Meaning, if you haven’t seen the results you want, or if you just decide it’s a little more than you bargained for, maybe it’s too difficult for you, you can get everything you paid back without any hassles.
  • The price alone is pretty great because you can easily spend more than that on supplements and paying a personal trainer, but this also comes with a bunch of bonuses you can keep in addition to the initial program.


Perhaps the biggest is the money back guarantee.  The author is so sure that you’ll see the results you want with full use of the product, that he will give you your money back 100%.  Even if you simply decide it’s too hard for you, or too time intensive, you are entitled to a refund, no questions asked.

  • 12 week training program, which is your 12 week exercise routine with over 70 videos to help you visualize what you need to do and do the exercises correctly. This is critical to a safe and effective workout.
  • Nutrition Program, a personalized diet program that will instruct you what to eat and more importantly, when.
  • Supplementation Guide, a guide for any existing fan of supplements to boost your weight loss and muscle building goals, but totally unnecessary for the goal the program aims for. It’s optional.
  • Abs and Arms Assault, a program specifically aimed at the two areas most commonly missed in most workouts.
  • Lifetime unlimited upgrade, meaning that if the program ever introduces any new technology or scientific information that boosts success, they will always be free to members.
  • You also get access to the AGR social community and forum, so if you have any questions you can get live answers and especially support from other people also using the program successfully; and also from fitness experts including John Barban at any time.
  • And last, Kyle Leon’s stamp of approval to the program, a video called “7 days out” which states that it can make you look 10-15 pounds leaner through skin tightening and water manipulation tricks.

Kyle’s bonus doesn’t exactly match the caliber of information and offerings in the Adonis system, but it is a nice gesture for him to include something, especially if you decide to use it after finding success with the program.

Overall, you get over $400 worth of products and information for $47.  You can’t even get a personal trainer to call you back if you offer them that.  The informational value by itself is well worth the price tag, making this a solid investment.



Adonis Golden RatioYou do get a couple things that seem like fillers, the supplement guide and the program offered by Kyle are not the operational mainstream for Adonis Golden Ratio, but it hardly matters because you’re not paying extra for the bonus materials either.

After thorough research, we have determined that the Adonis Golden Ratio system is not just worth the purchase price, but we can also say definitively that it works.  There is exhaustive scientific data backing the information contained in the guides and material, and interesting to read about. The program is realistic in their approach, and tells people to expect to see results within 12 weeks, unlike the claims of 3 days like other diets mention.  3 days is just unreal and impossible.  The program details everything from workout routines, to what, how and when you eat.  They leave nothing to chance, and you never feel lost in the process.

The only thing left to do now, is to go see for yourself, and be the next person to write about the stunning results!

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